Billing Rates

2018-19 Rates


 University Police

Police Officer $43.00per hour
Police Supervisor $52.00per hour
Telecommunicator $37.00per hour
Wake Co. Sheriff’s Deputy/Raleigh Police Officer $45.00per hour
A minimum payment of three hours for any event is required. Special Event Coverage quotes will be honored as quoted.

Environmental Health & Safety

Fire Protection $42.00per hour
Fire Protection Supervisor $52.00per hour
Hot Work Permits (weekend) $65.00per hour (2 hr minimum)


     Weekday $23.00per hour / per person
     Weekend $28.00per hour / per person
     Weekend-Supervisor $33.00per hour
     Staffing $32.00per hour / per person
     Valet Space $15.00per space (minimum 50)

Spaces, Equipment, Other

Reserved Spaces $25.00per day
Cones $2.00each
Unreturned cone $5.00each
Signs $60.00per sign
Digital Sign Rental $200.00per day
  $500.00per week
Damage to Facilities/Equipment  Replacement costs + labor


Visitor $15.00per day
Guest Online $10.00per day
Coupon/Validation Code $3.00 Dept$5.00 Non Deptfor 2 hours
Pay lot & Pay by space $3 for 1st hour, $2 every half hour thereafter, $15 daily max, $20 lost ticket fee

Security Applications & Technologies

New Security Projects   
Security Installation – SAT Tech $92.00per hour
Infrastructure Fee $250per device
Design & Project Mgmt Services 10%project value is > $12,000
  $250.00project value is $1,500-$11,999
  $0project value is < $1,500
  8%project is designed, but  not funded

Maintenance Repairs (not covered by maintenance contract)

Repair Labor $68.00per hour