EH & PS Training, Seminars & Services

Environmental Health and Public Safety offers a broad range of educational programming, including safety, health, emergency preparedness and security, for any interested campus group.  Programs are offered both in person and online; for special sessions or individualized programming, EH&PS departments offer customized assistance as well.

Emergency Management & Mission Continuity

The Department of Emergency Management & Mission Continuity is committed to ensuring rapid response to emergencies and to communication and notification with the campus community using a variety of methods. The goal is to reach the target audience of the emergency notification/communication within a time frame commensurate with the nature of the emergency and message to be delivered.

Environmental Health & Safety (EHS)

Environmental Health and Safety offers a wide range of regulatory and recommended safety, health and emergency management training programs and instructional materials.

Insurance and Risk Management (IRM)

Managing motor vehicle risks, such as liability exposures, are a responsibility shared by both management and employees.

University Police

The NC State University Police department provides training to assist with identifying and preventing crime, but is also dedicated to providing a number of non-criminal services to the community.

Violence Prevention & Threat Management (VPTM)

VPTM offers both in person and virtual training for the campus community, on topics including workplace violence prevention, suicide prevention and classroom behavior management.